West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department

Accident involving Engine 281 on the Beltway


Wednesday, January 30, 2013 ## UPDATE 6:30pm ##

Engine 281 was struck by a tractor trailer while on the scene of a separate incident this morning on the Beltway near Rt 50 sending 4 of our members to PG Trauma Center. Three of our members were treated and released. One member, Lieutenant Ryan Emmons was transferred to Union Memorial in Baltimore to undergo surgery on his right arm and is listed in critical condition. Surgery is now completed and Ryan's arm has been reattached and has good blood flow. The same Dr that did Ryan's surgery just last month, did a successful surgery on a rare double arm transplant on a 26-year-old infantryman at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Chief Alter is at the hospital along with his friends and family. At this time Ryan is NOT allowed visitors. Please keep Ryan in your thoughts and prayers. 

West Lanham Hills VFD thanks everyone's calls, message, and all the departments that offered help. It is much appreciated. 

## UPDATE 7:15pm ##

Small complication and Ryan has gone back into surgery. Don't know anything else at this time. 

## UPDATE 10:00 ## 

Second surgery is done and waiting to make sure everything takes. 

## UPDATE 10:30 ## 

I know it's late and this will be the last update of the night. A second surgery was needed a little bit ago (as many more will come). Ryan just came out of surgery and is being kept in the surgical ICU. The Dr. said the next 72 hours are the most critical. They had to take some veins from his legs to rebuild his veins in his arm. Keep the prayers coming everyone. 

Twitter is lit up with "Lt Ryan Emmons #WLHVFD" so if you have it lets try to get it trending in this area so our prayers are heard.