West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department

News and Updates on Lt Ryan Emmons for Thursday January 31st


Thursday, January 31, 2013 ## UPDATE 8:00 pm ##

Chief Alter and Deputy Chief Miller have been working together posting updates. We both are trying to read every comment and message and thank everyone for all the support and prayers for Ryan. Even though we are not replying, we are seeing all the messages. 

Chief Alter spoke with Ryan tonight and had him laughing. Ryan is awake, alert, and breathing on his own. The vent was pulled but he is still in a lot of pain. He will still need skin grafts done to cover the surgery site. The Dr is very pleased and we won't talk too much in advance but we will keep you updated as each step is taken. No news is good news and we will only update if there is a problem or as Ryan takes his next steps towards recovery. Still no visitors at this time due to the open wounds but we will relay all the messages to him.  

9:30 am  

Ryan is doing well this morning after 12 hours with only improvements.  Great blood flow and his skin has great color but still has a significant amount of swelling. The Dr said he doing great and hopefully in an hour or two he will be awake and breathing on his own again. Will add more as it comes in.