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West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department
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First Due Truck to Landover Hills Apartment Fire with People Trapped

Thursday, August 27, 2015  Just after midnight, while conducting ground ladder training, Truck Company 28 was dispatched for the Apartment Fire with people trapped on 68th Place in Landover Hills (Co. 30). Truck 28 with 6 men arrived seconds after the first engine and found fire coming from the stairwell and roof of a 3 story garden apartment. They also encountered several civilian reports of people trapped on the rear, upper floor balconies. The men quickly went to work throwing ladders to the front and rear and beginning the search for the trapped occupants as the first engine began the fire attack. While the Truck crew inside conducted primary searches of the apartments they came across the trapped occupants on the top floor rear balcony, which was 4 stories high, and assisted Company 33 with getting them onto the ground ladders. Meanwhile, on the terrace level of Side C, 2 West Lanham rookies heard screams for help coming from one of the apartments. Not hesitating they quickly went in and found a woman holding her baby and assisted her to safety to the rear of the building. Shortly thereafter, while the men inside were finishing up their searches, securing utilities and opening up, a man from Truck 28 and Truck 9 went to the roof and began opening it up to expose the fire that had spread into the cockloft. After the fire was out the assignment was scaled back to 1 & 1 holding Truck 28 on scene for overhaul. The Truck operated on scene for almost 5 hours.






Truck Runs Another House Fire in Bowie

Monday, August 24, 2015  Just after 2200 hours Truck 28 was alerted for the reported house fire on the 3600 Block of Edmond Way in Bowie. First arriving units reported a basement fire with smoke showing. Truck 28, with 4 men, arrived minutes later and assumed RIT duties. Shortly after establishing RIT the crew was called inside to conduct primary searches and begin opening up. The Truck was release after operating on scene for over an hour.



First Due Truck on 6 House Fire

Thursday, August 20, 2015  At 2105 hours Truck 28 was alerted for the House Fire in Co. 6's area. Units arrived to find a kitchen fire and the Men of Truck 28 promptly conducted a primary search, threw ladders, opened up and secured the utilities.



Truck 28 2nd Due on 46 House Fire

Wednesday, August 19, 2015  Just before midnight Truck 28, with a crew of 5 Men, was sent to the 10900 block of Lake Arbor Way in Co. 46's (Kentland) area. First arriving companies reported "nothing evident" from the street but found a fire upstairs upon making entry. Truck 28 operated as the 2nd Due special service and quickly went to work throwing ladders and opening up. The crew operated on scene for just under an hour before returning to service.



Engine 28 Special Called on 2nd Alarm Fire

Thursday, August 13, 2015  In the late hours of August 13th Engine 28 was transferred to the quarters of Co. 26, shortly thereafter the men of Engine 28 were special called on the 2nd Alarm to 1000 Ritchie Rd in Co. 37's area for a recycling facility that had caught fire. Engine 28 arrived just after 0100 hrs to assist companies on scene with suppression and overhaul. The Engine crew operated on scene for just under 2 hours before returning to service.


Co. 37 Photo

Co. 37 Photo


The Passing of 28 Life Member Charles Leckliter

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  We regretfully announce the passing of Life Member Charles Leckliter. Charlie held many line officers positions and was a member of the Board of Directors. Charlie was known as the Ultimate Ladder Truck Chauffeur. He was truly a fireman's fireman. He made many saves in his career and always showed up at the perfect time to rescue his fellow firemen. He will be greatly missed.



Engine 28 Runs Wreck with 1 Trapped & 1 Ejected in West Annapolis

Tuesday, August 4, 2015  Just before 1500 hrs Engine 28 was transferred to Anne Arundel County while they operated on a 2nd Alarm fire. Just minutes after arriving at the West Annapolis Station (Co. 40) the men of Engine 28 were alerted for a wreck with a report of 1 trapped and 1 ejected by the Westfield Mall. The Engine arrived to find a person lying in the roadway and another trapped in a vehicle. The crew quickly assisted with patient care and, upon arrival of the Rescue Companies, stretched a line into place and assisted with the extrication. 28 returned to service and shortly thereafter was returned to quarters.



A Fond Farewell for Donald "Patch" Aker

Monday, August 3, 2015  Company 28 and several other Companies from throughout PG County as well as the surrounding counties participated in paying final respects to former Company 28 Lieutenant, current Company 33 President and PG Public Safety Communications Supervisor Donald Aker Jr., affectionately known as "Patch". After a long weekend of polishing and waxing the apparatus, Truck 28 was used to raise the flag alongside Truck 9 which was set up at the end of the funeral procession. Engine 28 followed closely behind Company 33 during Patch's final ride which stopped at stations 28 & 33 as well as PSC before ending at the Knights Of Columbus in Bowie.



First Due House Fire in the Hills for 28

Thursday, July 30, 2015  Just before 1800 Engine 28 was alerted for the house fire on the 7700 block of Emerson Rd in the West Lanham Hills neighborhood behind the station. Engine 28 arrived to find a 2 story home with smoke showing from the second floor and took their own hydrant. The men of Company 28 forced entry and quickly stretched a line upstairs where they found fire in the attic converted into a bedroom. The fire was knocked and a primary was completed within minutes of arrival. Engine 28 operated on scene for nearly 90 minutes before returning to service.



Building Fire 4600 Block of Boston Way

Wednesday, July 15, 2015  Around 2330 hours on July 15th Engines 28 and 48 were dispatched for the reported building on fire at the 4600 Block of Boston Way in Lanham. Engine 28 arrived to find smoke in the building and a large paper shredding unit on fire. The fire was extinguished and no injuries were reported. Engine 28 operated on scene for approximately 2 hours before returning to service.



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