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West Lanham Hills Volunteer Fire Department
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Engine 48 and Truck 28 run House Fire 12600 Blk Chalice Ct

Saturday, January 11, 2014   Just after 11pm Engine 18 was dispatched first due on the street alarm to the 12600 Blk of Chalice Ct for an investigation of smoke in the kitchen of a house. Units arrived to find a 2 story house with nothing showing and when they opened the front door the crew was met with smoke and fire coming down the hall. The box alarm was filled putting Truck 28, Engine 48, and Chief 48A on the road. Crews made a quick knock and opened up and completed searches. WLHVFD units cleared the scene in under 30 mins. 



Truck 28 runs 4300blk of Parliament Pl

Saturday, January 11, 2014  just after midnight to start out our Saturday the box alarm was struck for the 4300blk of Parliament Pl for a reported building fire sending Truck 28 to the scene. Units arrived to find smoke showing and discovered a small fire in the building. Truck 28 laddered the building and assisted with searches and ventilation. The fire was ruled accidental and units cleared the scene in about one hour. 



Engine 281 runs Industrial Accident 4200 Blk Ellin Rd

Wednesday, January 8, 2014   Just after 1pm Engine 281 was dispatched for an injured person at Ellin and Emerson Pl. They arrived to find a male entwined in a industrial drill and started a medic unit. The victim was freed and sent via medic unit to a near by trauma center. 




Saturday, January 4, 2014  At 8:30pm the 28 box was struck for the 5600 Blk of Whitefield Chapel Rd for a reported building fire sending Engine 281 first due, Engine 481 second due, Chief 28, Chief 28A, and Chief 48A to the scene. Engine 281 arrived with a 3 story garden style apartment with nothing showing and established Command. Engine 281 found a fire in a second floor apartment. As crews opened up they found fire in the walls extending to the unit above and the crew in the rear reported smoke showing from the cockloft area. Chief 48A arrived and assumed Command and requested the fire task force due to the extreme cold and possible extension to the adjoining units. The fire was quickly contained and everything opened up. Chief 28 operated on the fire floor with Engine 281 and Chief 28A operated on the floor above with Engine 481. No injuries were reported and the cause of the fire was from a malfunctioning vent fan.  Red Cross was called to the scene to assist the residents that were displaced and get them out of the weather. West Lanham Hills units cleared the scene just after 2 hours.

This fire gave WLHVFD the first working fire of 2014 for PGFD with Clinton having the second fire of the year just one hour later. 



Engine 48 and Truck 28 run 7000 Blk of Good luck Rd

Friday, January 3, 2014   At 4pm Engine 48 was dispatched to a fire alarm in the 7000 blk of Good Luck Rd. New Carrolton police arrived to find a stove smoking and filling the house with smoke so the assignment was upgraded to a 2&2 adding Truck 28 and Chief 48A. A stove was found to be in self clean mode that had cleaning chemicals added prior to being put in self clean. The stove was secured and house cleared of smoke. One resident was transported with smoke inhalation. The scene was cleared in just under one hour. 



Car into the building 9400 Blk Annapolis Rd

Monday, December 30, 2013   At 8:30pm Engine 48 was dispatched to the 9400 Blk of Annapolis Rd for a reported car into a building with one injury. Engine 48 arrived to find a car into the support poles out front of a strip mall with one possible injury. Crews checked to make sure there was not any structural damage and the driver refused treatment so units cleared the scene in about 30 mins. 



Engine 48 and Truck 28 run 2nd Alarm 8800 Blk Hunting Lane

Tuesday, December 24, 2013   At 4pm the box alarm was sounded for the 8800 Blk of Hunting Lane. Units arrived to find fire showing from 2 floors and started the working fire dispatch. Command requested the fire task force and quickly filled the second alarm. Engine 48 was send 4th due on the second alarm and Truck 28 was transferred to station 10. Crews made an aggressive attack and had the bulk of the fire knocked down in under 20 mins. There was a lot of overhaul and unfortunately 11 units (17 adults and 7 kids) were displaced on Christmas Eve. The assignment was held to the original box alarm in about 30 mins clearing Engine 48 but keeping Truck 28 at station 10 for he duration of the incident. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 



Task Force 4088 Warner Ave - Engine 28 & Engine 48

Saturday, December 21, 2013  At 10:30am the box alarm was sounded for a reported building fire at 4088 Warner Ave sending Engine 28 as second due engine and Engine 48 as fourth due engine. Units arrived to find fire showing from the 2nd floor of a three story garden style apartment with a terrace level (3 in the front/4 in the rear). Engine 28 picked up 30's supply and pulled a 400 to back them up. Engine 48 picked up 33's supply line and backed up 33. The fire was knocked quickly wi only minor extension to the floor above. The cause of the fire is still under investigation and no injuries were reported at this time. 



Engine 28 / Ambulance 48 run door pop at Fontana & Barker Place

Thursday, December 19, 2013   Just before 9am (while engine 48 was still on the transfer) Engine 28 an Amb 48 ran a door pop at Fontana & Barker Pl. One person was taken to the hospital with neck and back pain. The school bus did NOT have kids on board. 



Engine 281 runs Crash with one trapped Annapolis Rd at 495

Thursday, December 19, 2013   Just after 1am Engine 281 ran the 8700 Blk of Annapolis Rd at the entrance to the OL of the capital beltway. Engine 281 arrived to find a car into a pole and the occupant trapped. The crew pulled a protection line and assisted the Rescue Engine with extrication. 



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