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3rd Alarm in Jessup

Saturday, May 24, 2014  Engine 481 transferring to Jessup while AA county units operate on the 3rd alarm fire in the 7500 Blk of Furnace Branch Rd in Glen Burnie. 




Thursday, May 1, 2014  18 House - Engine 481 and Truck 28 operating on the scene of the working house fire in the 11500 blk of Prospect Pl.  A Fire Task Force was alerted to the scene.



Truck 28 runs Easter morning fire 7900 Blk Johnson Ave

Sunday, April 20, 2014  at 8:16am the box alarm was sounded for the 7900 Blk of Johnson Ave in Kentland for a reported apartment fire sending Truck 28 as first due truck. Units arrived to find a 3 story apartment with a room off on the top floor. The crew from truck 28 got ladders in place, did a search, opened up the top floor, and operated as the division 3 supervisor. The cause of the fire is under investigation and there were no reported injuries. 



Engine 281 runs House Fire 2701 Kenler Dr

Sunday, April 13, 2014  At 2:42am Engine 281 was dispatched 3rd due for a reported house fire in the 2700 Blk of Kelner Dr. Units arrived to find fire in the basement. Engine 281 picked up engine 46's line and the pulled an attack line and took care of the extension to the attic. Engine 481 transferred to station 33 for the fire. 



Engine 281 and Chief 48A run crash with people trapped in the 7000 Blk of Palamar Terr

Saturday, April 5, 2014  just before midnight while 48 was on the scene of a working code, Engine 281 and Chief 48A ran a call for a reported crash in the 7000 Blk of Palamar Terr. While responding to the scene PSC relayed info from numerous callers reporting the vehicle is on fire with people trapped inside and the driving running from the scene on fire. Units arrived to find a van into a tree and fully involved. Two passengers were treated and sent to a near by trauma facility while units searched the area for the driver. PSC received another 911 call reporting a burn victim right down the street. This person turned out to be the driver and was transported to the burn center with major burns over most of the body. 



Career day at New Carrollton Elementary

Friday, April 4, 2014  The Volunteers from station 28 while in service take a visit to the New Carrollton Elementary School for their for career day. The crew met with the kids and talked about fire safety, dressed up as the "friendly firefighter", and set up the ladder truck for the kids to see.



Engine 484 and Truck 28 run 2nd Alarm Apartment Fire 10001 Greenbelt Rd

Tuesday, April 1, 2014  At 7:45 am the box alarm was sounded for 10001 Greenbelt road sending Engine 484 and Truck 28 to the scene. With an initial report of nothing showing, the officer did his 360 and units taking their assigned positions it was quickly noted the fire showing and crews would be going to work. Engine 48 took their own hydrant and got an attack line in place while Truck 28 did primary search of the fire floor and opened up for the engine crew. No further information as Units are still operating on the scene at this time.



Task Force - Engine 281 runs 3809 64th Ave with a reported people trapped

Thursday, March 27, 2014  at 5:41pm the Apartment fire with a reported people trapped was dispatched for the 3800 Blk of 64th Ave. Units arrived to find a 3 story garden style apartment building with fire showing from the second floor. Engine 281 laid a supply line and the crew advanced an attack line to the fire building. The fire was under control within 20 mins and units cleared the scene in just under 2 hours. There was not any firefighter injuries reported, however 2 residents were treated and transported. The investigation indicates the fire was accidental.



Engine 281 and Chief 28A run 1st Due House Fire 6633 Adrian Street

Sunday, March 16, 2014  Just after 1pm the box alarm was struck for a reported house fire sending Engine 281 and Chief 28A to the 6600 Blk of Adrian Street. Units arrived to find smoke showing and while doing the 360 found fire showing from the basement windows on the Delta side. Crews knocked the visible fire down and than made entry and stopped the fire and started overhaul. Units were on the scene for about 2 hours. 

**Side note**

Firefighter Chris Kelly returned today from a 9 month deployment on the USS Harry S Truman supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Chris was able to catch a fire just hours after walking into the station from his deployment. Welcome back Chris!!!



Task Force - Truck 28 runs 12506 Guinevere Rd

Wednesday, March 12, 2014   At 10:37pm the box alarm was sounded for 12506 Guinevere Rd sending Truck 28, Chief 28, and Chief 28A to the scene. Units arrived to find heavy fire with high winds intensifying the fire. A fire task force was called to the scene to assist battling the fire. Units were on the scene for about 2 hours and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. 



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